Recognising the increasing incidence of debt problems and mental health conditions and the way in which these can have a reciprocal impact, in September 2005 MALG set up The MALG Mental Health Working Party to investigate the issues.

In February 2007, this was expanded to include three mental health organisations. Today the Working Party is chaired by the Chief Executive of the Money Advice Trust.

The result of the Working Party’s efforts was the MALG Good Practice Awareness Guidelines for Consumers with Mental Health Problems and Debt, first published in November 2007 with a second edition published in 2009. MALG is a non-policy making body and the Guidelines could not be imposed on either the advice or creditor sectors. However, it was placed in the public arena with suitable publicity in the hope that industry trade organisations would adopt the Guidelines into their respective Codes of Practice. The Guidelines are acknowledged in the Consumer Credit Sourcebook of The Financial Conduct Authority, the Lending Code, The FLA Code and the Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form in the CSA Code of Practice.

In August 2008 the Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF), an integral part of the Guidelines was launched following further work undertaken between MALG, the Royal College of Psychiatrists and The Capital Partnership. This was redesigned in 2009 and the third version of the Form launched at The MALG Conference on 28th November 2012.This Evidence Form, whose remit has been expanded with the third version,  can be used by healthcare professionals, debt advisers and creditors to more effectively evaluate debtor circumstances and arrive at informed decisions.

A number of important mental health and debt documents, including the Guidelines and the Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form are available and can be viewed and downloaded by clicking the appropriate link below.

The Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form Version 3 for CREDITORS

The Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form Version 3 for ADVISERS (Case Work)

The Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form Version 3 for ADVISERS (Assisted Self-help)

Other useful documents

Debt and Mental Health

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