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MALG Briefing Notes

From time to time, MALG issues Briefing Notes on topical matters of particular interest to those involved in personal debt.

A MALG Briefing Note is only issued when a matter of serious concern arises within the industry or important changes occur within legislation or practice that it is believed will affect MALG members. Such Briefing Notes have to be approved by the Steering Committee of MALG.

MALG believes that communication is paramount and the Briefing Note is but one way that such communication to membership and beyond is practised. Briefing Notes are completely impartial and aim to only state the facts of the situation that have arisen. Considerable care is taken to ensure the accuracy of the facts contained within a Briefing Note.

It is usual to place the name of an author at the base of the Briefing Note but very often the authors are multiple rather than one individual.

To date the following Briefing Notes have been released (click on their title to download a PDF version)

Briefing Note 1. Changes to the Legal Aid Scheme – February 2008

Briefing Note 2. Claims Management Companies July 2009

Briefing Note 3. The Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form V3

Briefing Note 4. Appropriate processing of data from individuals with mental health problems April 2013

Briefing Note 5. Best practice in the use of ‘Flags’ to be placed on the accounts/case files of individuals in vulnerable circumstances who are unable to manage money – April 2016