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Regional Forums

MALG encourages the creation of regional discussion forums affiliated to the MALG national body whenever this is viable and supports the running of them.

meeting2aMALG will continue to assist the formation of such forums which play an important role in improving communication, understanding and good practice between advisers and creditors and their ancillary services.  These forums will aim to attract regional advisers, national and regional creditors and debt collection companies as members rather than official representatives of the trade organisations and institutes.

Membership is normally by application to the individual forum secretary.

Although affiliated to MALG, forums have the autonomy to decide their structure and membership, providing these accord with the aims and objectives of MALG.

The Regional Discussion Forums are:

The Midlands Discussion Forum

The North East Discussion Forum

The North West Discussion Forum

The South East Discussion Forum

The Northern Ireland Discussion Forum

MALG (Scotland)

If you are interested in receiving details of any of the Regional Discussion Forums, please complete the relevant section of the Contact Us form which can be found  HERE.